Training Programmes in November

As the world rapidly evolves, our traditional notions of security, risk and crisis management are being put to the test. The strategies and approaches that once worked are no longer sufficient in today’s ever-changing landscape, which is why the ISRM partners with global organisations to deliver a suite of accredited training programmes to support participants in gaining a greater understanding of their role in the management of complexity and uncertainty.

We’re delighted to announce we’ve extended the ISRM’s Training programme this year, with two final courses at the end of November:

Level 4 Award in Foundations of Security and Risk Management: for Team Leaders and Operational managers who want to gain a better understanding of how to fulfil their roles in a well-structured and professional manner

Level 5 Award in Terrorism Prevention and Management: for security and risk managers tasked with the modelling, planning and management of security programmes that are robust enough to protect their communities not just from accidents and disasters, but from wilful attack.


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