The ISRM and IOR-U Hosted a Delegation of High Level Ukrainian Government, Academic and Corporate Leaders in London

The ISRM and its stand-alone subsidiary, International Organisation for Reconstruction of Ukraine, were honoured to host a delegation of high level Ukrainian government, academic and corporate leaders for a week in London.

We were given strong support from a range of individuals and institutions, including Marsh McLellan, RUSI (Royal United Services Institute), General Pharmaceutical Council, PerkinElmer, National Liberal Club Defence and Security Circle, City Forum, Wise Europa (Poland), Oliver Wyman, Guy Carpenter, TenCate, Tony Blair Institute.

We are also grateful for the personal support from Christopher Lay, Michael Mainelli, Noel Hadjimichael and Marc Lee.

We are already discussing a return delegation to Kyiv ahead of the Ukraine Reconstruction Conference to be held in London 21st Р22nd June.

The strong and clear message from Kyiv is that, parallel to the military issues that are so critical on a daily basis, the dialogue around post-conflict recovery and reconstruction and about a long-term national transformation has already started.

We feel privileged to be part of that conversation, and look forward to helping develop relationship between major stakeholders in both the UK and Ukraine.


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