Safeguarding Against Falsified COVID-19 Vaccines

As the world is preparing to use the availability of mass-produced vaccines to deliver a level of safety and security to communities that had previously seemed a pipe-dream, it has become clear that this has created a market in false vaccines that are being used by criminal gangs, sometimes with the collusion of those officials that are specifically tasked with overseeing the safe and secure supply and delivery of the consignments to the communities that most need them.

For more information on this, and an overview of the best practices that can ensure security of supply chain management and can minimise the possibility of falsified vaccines reaching the market, please see the attached report, written by leading authorities including a member of our ISRM Israel Chapter, Mickey Arieli.

Mickey Arieli is a pharmacist, and is a founder and former director of the National Division of Enforcement of the Israeli Ministry of Health. He has worked with Israel National Police and other international enforcement units in cases regarding violations of Public Health. He was also involved in a project with the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the connection between organized crime, terrorism, and pharmaceutical crime. Presently, he is a Fellow at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism and a member of the Israel National Anti-Doping Agency.


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