Partnership With The Resilience Advisors Network

The Resilience Advisors Network is a formal teaming of more than one hundred top resilience and civil protection experts from around the World, all experienced directors and leaders in their own right, they bring-to-bear the strength and pedigree of many years of operating in their own specialised emergency, crises and disaster risk management fields.

The Network itself was founded in 2015 in the UK. It contracts through one of two fully independant local companies; Resilience Advisors Limited and Resilience Advisors (Europe) Limited. This ensures that it’s able to support local requirements.

Co-ordinated by a team of Directors, each advisor and partner is well-known and respected in their own field and comes professionally recommended with a proven and documented record of success.

Advisors have been selected from a broad range of disciplines to best support the range of consortium outcomes be that for the development of world-class guidance, training or trainer provision, disaster exercise management, Mechanism research projects or any other critical resilience-related project delivery.

The Resilience Advisors Network Website


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