Partnership With IsraTeam

We are delighted to announce the Corporate Partnership between ISRM and the IsraTeam Ltd.

IsraTeam is one of the most skilled and professional companies who consult Emergency Management and Homeland Security Planning, based and registered in Israel 1998. IsraTeam is active in Israel and abroad in the field of Emergency Management and HLS: Consultation, Preparedness, Training and has gained vast and unique “hands-on” experience in all kinds of crisis, especially in War and CBRNE terror events.

IsraTeam is a professional team of Israeli Home Front Command ( HFC) and Emergency experts, who are high ranking reserve officers in the Israeli IDF. As a member of the HFC and the National Emergency Economy Organization (MELACH) they took an active role in emergencies in Israel, as well as national drills and training for all the Government Agencies, Municipalities and main infrastructures.

IsraTeam has the capability of assessing threats, analysis of strategies and concepts for national preparedness and disaster planning, with background of Israel’s experience as well as lessons learnt from disasters that occurred in different countries, where we either took part in rescue efforts or studied case-histories.

Major expertise of IsraTeam is preparing population to survive emergency situation and disasters. This approach starts with threat analysis, general behavior of public, identification of specific communities with their response programs, training the public in “peace time” and during emergency and the following steps, with respect and maximum use of communication means etc.

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