Partnership with ICPEM – Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management

We are delighted to announce that the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (ICPEM)has joined the ISRM network as a Silver Partner.


ICPEM is widely recognised as one of the leading organisations in the emergency management sector, with roots going back to 1938 though the Institute of Civil Defence & Disaster Studies, which merged with the Institute of Emergency Management in 2009 to become the modern ICPEM. It brings together academics and practitioners to research, share knowledge to improve planning, preparedness, response and recovery to reduce the impact of disasters and increase societal resilience.


ISRM and ICPEM have collaborated informally on number of programmes, and it is a natural step to formalise that through this partnership.


We are all looking forward to exploring how we can work together on future projects, and individually and collectively contribute to the development of a more sophisticated understanding of the needs of emergency response and incident management in the UK and across the world.


For more information on ICPEM, please contact their General Secretary, Frank Long at


For more information on ISRM, please contact Programmes and Partnership Manager Vanja Matovic at


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