New Silver Corporate Partner: AUCSO

We are delighted to announce a Corporate Partnership with the Association of University Chief Security Officers (AUCSO)

The ISRM is committed to bring practitioners, academics and policy makers together and to facilitate information exchange and cooperation between significant players within the security sector. The corporate partnership with AUCSO will allow us to further pursue that goal and together have continued positive impact on the sector.

From Les Allan, Chairman of AUCSO: “As our Association is dedicated to the continued development and sharing of best practice for security in the tertiary education sector globally, and the interests of our members, we are delighted to be creating this partnership with ISRM. They have grown their network significantly over recent years and now have regional chapters in numerous countries across the world – which could give local contacts and engagement for all of our global members.

Risk management is a core activity at all of our institutions this partnership extends our access to specialist resources in support of our own institutions’ resilience. Our partnership will support continuing professional development for our members and in due course collaboration on developing sector specific qualifications.

We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial Partnership with ISRM.”

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