L5 PMME Paul Case Dubai 2020 Security Management Programme Manager

In our efforts to bring some of the leading practitioners in global Major Event Security and Risk Management to our Level 5 Award programme programme, I am delighted that the Special Guest Instructor for Day 2 will be Paul Case F.ISRM, previously Security Programme Manager for Dubai 2020.

Dubai 2020 is undoubtedly the event that redefined the concept of mega events, whether in terms of numbers (73 million visitors), time (6 months) or complexity (45,000 staff + 2,000 deliveries per day).

Paul will be talking about some of the challenges associated with managing the development of Dubai 2020 from what was essentially an empty plot of land near to Dubai Airport to what is now one of the most advanced mega event locations in the world, as well as answering participants questions in the Q&A session. REGISTRATION >>


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