ISRM Training and Professional Development: Introductory Calls for Training Managers

We are excited to launch the ISRM Training & Professional Development Calendar for 2024 – encompassing our integrated suite of Level 4, 5 and 6 programmes for 21st century risk professionals. And as part of the launch, we are hosting two introductory calls on 26th January 2024 for global training managers and strategic risk an crisis management leaders.


The calls are for all those interested in exploring options for upskilling the capabilities of their teams in 2024, including opportunities for bespoke and tailored training packages for international organisations.

Each course is designed to allow participants to gain a greater understanding of their own roles within complex organisations, and the ability to integrate that understanding into the wider organisation’s management processes and frameworks. Alongside the Institute’s globally-recognised brand, all of our courses are fully academically accredited to support both personal and professional development.

You can explore our training programmes and Calendar for 2024 here, and register below to join the upcoming introductory calls.


1st Introductory Call

2nd Introductory Call


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