ISRM Roundtable: AI, ChatGPT & the Future of Crisis Management Webinar

ChatGPT and similar ‘smart applications’ of language learning programs are creating unprecedented pressures in multiple aspects of our society, from education to copyright laws, systems dependency and loss of human oversight. AI learns faster than humans, makes fewer mistakes, and doesn’t get tired. These are issues that are becoming futuristic challenges in world that is clearly not ready for them.

This ISRM Roundtable Webinar will explore some of the issues around AI and Chat GPT, and particularly within the context of crisis management where there are undoubtedly multiple potential applications for AI to support and enhance emergency response in multiple contexts.

Patrick Trancu, Crisis Advisor, is a TEDx speaker; curator and co-author of the book ‘Lo Stato in Crisi. Pandemia, caos e domande per il futuro’ (‘The State in Crisis: Pandemic, chaos and future demands’) (2021) a multidisciplinary analysis of how the Italian State managed the pandemic crisis. Based in Switzerland he works domestically and internationally with corporate and institutional clients to create cultural transformation programs that strengthen resilience and allow organizations to formulate “adequate, responsible and ethical” responses at times of crisis.

Dr Dom Page was appointed as Head of the University of Gloucestershire Business School in September 2020. His academic interests include Leadership, Human Resource Management, Management Studies and Political Economy. He has a long-established interest in internationalisation, challenge-based curriculum, the role of technology in enhancing teaching and learning, research-led teaching and learning and industry partnership-based curriculum.

Marta Azevedo Silva, Communication Manager and Member of the Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe (CMINE). Based in Brussels, she is passionate to understand how AI and ML can improve emergency response and contribute to enhancing societal resilience. A strong believer that AI is a game changer for public safety and on the power of harnessing data and technology for disaster response and to strengthen emergency response. Her academic interests include Communication Technologies, Risk Communication/Perception and Crisis Communication.


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