ISRM Partnership with CEO Club London

Ukraine stands as beacon of opportunity as a country on the brink of national transformation, with a potential for growth and innovation that defies the narrative of Ukraine as a conflict zone.

Recognising Ukraine’s resilience and forward momentum, the ISRM is proud to partner with CEO Club London in order to support Ukraine’s position as a hub for business investment and technological innovation that is ready to welcome international partnerships and investments.

During his February 2024 visit to Ukraine, ISRM Executive Director Dr David Rubens met with Serhii Haidaichuk, Founder and President of CEO Club Ukraine, to establish a collaborative effort towards transforming Ukraine’s future. The collaboration, facilitated through the club’s international branch, CEO Club London, will serve as a bridge not only for economic opportunities but also for cultural and political exchange amidst challenging times.

The ISRM was likewise honoured to invite the Vice-President of CEO Club London, Dmytro Tretiakov, as a guest speaker on the ISRM Global Crisis Watch Ukraine Special, for a discussion on the critical role of international cooperation and strategic partnerships in navigating the complexities of Ukraine’s transformation. The ongoing dialogue between the ISRM and CEO Club London will focus on identifying and nurturing opportunities for Ukrainian and international businesses to thrive together, illustrating a shared vision for Ukraine as a hub for innovation and investment.


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