ISRM, Deltar Training and TINYg in Partnership for Launch of Level 5 Award in Terrorism Awareness and Management

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Level 5 Award in Terrorism Awareness and Management in partnership with Deltar Training and TINYg.

Terrorism can no longer be considered as a rare event that is limited to global geo-politics. There is no community, neighbourhood or organisation than can consider itself as unaffected by recent developments in terrorist attacks and activities. From the highly organised, through to the semi-structured and down to the self-radicalised gunman or bomber, terrorism is as real as your next phone call or tomorrow’s headlines.

An understanding of how and why terrorist attacks happen provides an insight into the development process that allows an effective terrorism awareness and management programme to be put in place that will maximise the ability to detect and deter an attack, to respond in the event that an attack was to take place and to manage the response and recovery programme in as effective a way as possible, given the horrendous level of disruption and destruction that a successful terrorist attack can cause.

The course has been developed in partnership between ISRM (Institute of Strategic Risk Management), Deltar Training and TINYg (International Terrorism Information Network group), each of whom have extensive experience in developing strategic risk and crisis management and terrorism management programmes in multiple contexts. 

The programme has been designed to be accessible to anyone responsible for developing security and risk management programmes, whatever their organisation or specific context they are operating in.

The programme builds on Deltar Training’s world-leading webinar format (over 10,000 registrants since the start of the global Covid-19 lockdown), and includes a fully developed support pack for each of the modules.

The Launch Course, Monday 7th – Friday 11th June, 4.00-5.30pm BST, is being offered at a reduced rate of £350 + VAT.

Fore more information, check out the Course Brochure and the Course Registration.


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