ISRM / Deltar Corporate Partnership Programme

We are delighted to announce the launch the ISRM / Deltar Corporate Partnership programme.

It is based on making the free-to-attend Level 4 and Level 5 training programmes accessible to organisations on an enterprise-level basis, and in return giving our Corporate Partners the opportunity to support our ISRM Chapters around the world.

Access to enterprise-wide training and continuous professional development creates a shared understanding of risk, a standardised risk terminology and enhanced risk communication across the organisation, all outcomes that would have multiple benefits whether for normal operations or for incident and crisis response.

We have Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Partner packages, and are happy to create a package that would suit your own needs.

As it becomes clear that Covid is going to have impacts for the foreseeable future, an on-going and easily accessible professional development programme is a highly effective way of keeping morale up, it allows people to feel connected to their own networks and to the wider global community and it has a positive impact on a whole range of mental health and personal well-being issues. And of course it demonstrates that your own organisation is committed to investing in its people and supporting the wider community – all good things!

Feel free to contact us if this is of interest, and we look forward to discussing how we can put together a programme that works for you.

Download ISRM / Deltar Corporate Partnership Programme Brochure


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