ISRM And TINYg Announce Global Partnership

The Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) and the Global Terrorism Information Network, TINYg have agreed a strategic partnership that will not only add significant value to its membership but will facilitate the sharing of information and promote collaboration across both organisations’ global professional networks.

The ISRM was founded in 2018 to create a space where academics, senior practitioners and policy makers could come together to share perspectives and global best practices concerning all aspects of strategic risk and crisis management, that would be of value to risk managers and businessesworldwide, whatever their scale and scope, or the specific sector they are involved in. Under the direction of its founder, Dr David Rubens, the ISRM can boast a global membership with Chapters established in fifteen countries worldwide. It is widely recognised as one of the leading membership organisations in the sector.

TINYg was established in 2006 to facilitate the intelligence gathering and sharing of counter terrorism information between London and New York City. The network has grown with subscribers in over 130 countries.

“There are a number of synergies and benefits to be had by our two organisations working strategically together” said Dr David Rubens “Our core values are similar in that we believe in the widespread sharing of information that supports the development of more effective risk and crisis management capabilities, as well helping organisations create a more sophisticated understanding of the risk environment they are operating in”.

Co-founder of TINYg Andy Williams said ‘David Rubens has been a friend of TINYg since he was a speaker at our New York conference in 2011. We are delighted that we have agreed this relationship, which I am confident will have significant value for all of our members in both organisations’.

The membership of the ISRM is open to all and places emphasis on continuous professional development and sharing of good practice. For more information see ISRM Website.

For more information on TINYg, please visit TINYg Website.


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