Global Roundtable: Frontline Security – Professionalisation in the Post-Covid World

We are excited to bring the 3rd Thursday Roundtable discussion back to the ISRM!

If there is one thing that Covid-19 has demonstrated, it is the critical importance of front-line security personnel to every aspect of our local and national activities and operations.

In a period when our national frameworks were put under the greatest pressure that anyone had ever known, it was frontline security staff who stepped forward and who allowed every other aspect of the Covid-10 response and recovery programmes to function.

It was further evidence – if it is still needed – that our frontline security professionals are exactly that – a vital cog in out critical national capability, and one that deserves greater recognition than it is currently being given.

This Roundtable will bring together leaders from three of the main representative organisations in the private security sector, and will allow them to share their thoughts on the next-stage developments in the professionalisation of the private security sector.

This will also mark the launch of the FrontLine Consortium, which will be designed to offer a voice to all participants in the private security sector, and which will be dedicated to the continued professionalisation of their ranks.

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