Focus on Fake

The Defence and Security Circle (DSC) of the National Liberal Club is based at the Club premises located at Whitehall Place London SW1A 2HE. Due to a decision to grant the DSC in November 2021 funding provided by the Public Diplomacy Division of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), we are able to conduct a number of free access events online and in person starting 1 December 2021 under the series title “Focus on Fake”.

These online, in person and hybrid sessions (from 15 to 75 minutes duration) deal with the complex and compelling challenges created by disinformation, fake news and hostile state actors. Youth, politicians, media practitioners (from bloggers to vloggers, influencers to mainstream journalists) are all facing pressure from toxic news, overseas troll farms and oppressive narratives that divide communities or cause distress, harm or fear.

In addition to three in person events in London (Wednesday 1 December) , Edinburgh (Monday 6 December) and Manchester (Monday 13 December), we will be showcasing at least eight podcasts and at least four videocasts of 15 to 30 minutes duration. All background and links will be available on this site.

Our program will be delivered between Wednesday 1 and Wednesday 15 December. Content will be held on this site as a legacy of our collaborative venture with NATO. Other content from previous activity and future outreach into 2022 will be added on a progressive basis. Keep coming back to us.

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