Crisis Response Journal Partnership Offer

We are delighted to announce the deepened partnership between the ISRM and the Crisis Response Journal. As part of this partnership, we are now offering our members access to the latest issue of the Crisis Response Journal (CRJ) to be automatically included in our membership package.

CRJ is widely recognised as the leading journal for all aspects of strategic risk, emergency and crisis management, with articles written by recognised leaders in their field, offering an in-depth insight across multiple sectors. We are more than happy to be able to share this expertise and insight now with our members on a continued basis.

Emily Hough, Editor in Chief: The Crisis Response Journal’s mission and ethos are in perfect alignment with those of the ISRM, in that both organisations are committed to breaking down silos, promoting best practice and sharing experience between all disciplines related to risk. To this end, we are happy that the partnership between the two organisations has strengthened and evolved in 2020 and are confident it will continue to do so into the future.

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