Coronavirus Campfire Report – Part 3 – Second Wave / October – December 2020

We are delighted to release the third part (October – December 2020) from our ongoing report of the ISRM Coronavirus Campfires.

We have been running the Campfires twice a week since March 2020 and have labelled that as a real-time longitudinal record of the lived experience of individuals during the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Part three of the report covers the time between October and December 2020 and revolves around a period of rising infection numbers and countries slowly accepting that another set of lockdowns was needed to get the numbers under control. After announcements in October, the first vaccines were approved in November and offered a glimmer of hope that the situation would significantly improve once they were ready for distribution. Until then, people were preparing for a 2020 Covid Christmas characterised by uncertainty, isolation and anxiety.

The final section “Vaccines and Mutations” (January – March 2021) will be released soon.


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