Coronavirus Campfire Report – Part 2 – False Dawn / June – September 2020

We are delighted to release the second part from our ongoing report of the ISRM Coronavirus Campfires (June – September 2020)

We have been running the Campfires twice a week since March 2020 and have labelled that as a real-time longitudinal record of the lived experience of individuals during the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Part two of the report revolves around a period of uncertainty from June to September 2020, when many countries initially released their lockdowns, but soon found themselves facing the reality of a persistent virus and an absence of long-term planning.

We are publishing the full report as part of the ISRM Covid-19 Global Conference from 23rd-25th March (which is also the ISRM’s 2nd anniversary, and marks one year since the start of the global lockdown).

Further sections yet to be released will include:

  • Part 3: The Second Wave (October-December 2020)
  • Part 4: Vaccines and Mutations (January – March 2021)


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