Announcing Deltar Strategic

We are delighted to announce Deltar Strategic, a tabletop exercising platform that is delivered in partnership with Be-Strategic, a world leading Israeli technology company that specialises in developing training programmes for complex organisations.

Crisis management is not something organisations like to think about, but it is a reality that has to be faced, especially with the current rise of natural disasters, cyber threats, security threats, and pending regulatory changes. This virtual tabletop platform allows organisations to exercise and test procedures from standard operating procedures to expected reactions in the face of the unexpected. This includes communication, information exchange and decision-making processes in controlled environments, seeing where their own systems create predictable failure points and allowing participants to observe their own real-time responses, and to match that against expected outcomes.
The programme comes with a full analytical support system that allows captured data to be seen in multiple formats, allowing to visualize pressure points and responses. The platform can be configured for any scenario and any environment, from the simplest to the most complex. We are excited to have this powerful tool at hand that really stresses what crisis management is ultimately about. And that is communication.

Dotan Sagi, Founder of Be-Strategic, explains the intricacies of his powerful platform:

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