4th Behavioural Analysis Conference

We are thrilled to announce the resumption of our Behavioural Analysis series of conferences designed for security practitioners and academic researchers alike.

After previous editions of Behavioural Analysis were held at a sports stadium (Cardiff, 2018), shopping mall (Minneapolis, 2019) and online (2020), we are delighted to move our 2022 event to an academic setting. From the heart of England, and in recognition of the fact that our venue will be launching its own Forensic Psychology degree later this year, we look forward to welcoming delegates and speakers alike to University of Northampton.

Behavioural Analysis will, as always, help keep delegates in tune with the latest research into how hostile or criminal intent can be identified through the observation of behavioural indicators and the use of tactical risk analysis and non-racial profiling techniques.

Delegates will benefit from:

  • Academic presentations … to increase understanding
  • Operational case studies … to aid deployment
  • Panel discussions … to stimulate debate
  • and live Q&A sessions … so you can have your say

4th edition of Behavioural Analysis Conference, on the 8th & 9th June 2022 ‘live’ and in-person at the University of Northampton.

ISRM, as a supporting organisation of Behavioural Analysis 2022, has negotiated a 20% discount on the conference fee for our members.

Visit behaviouralanalysis.com for more information and registration.


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