National Technical University of Ukraine

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is one of biggest educational establishments in Europe. It trains 25 thousand of students, postgraduates; doctorates as well as foreign student from neighbouring and far abroad countries. Every sixth student of Kyiv city is obtaining the education in KPI and every 25th professor and associate professor of Ukraine is a fellow worker of KPI, among all technical higher educational establishments of our country, every fifth faculty and chair is the faculty of chair of KPI.

University has 14 faculties, 11 educational and scientific institutes, several scientific and research institutes and educational centers. It trains Bachelors, Specialists and Masters, PhD and Doctors of Science. The university has its own publishing house “Polytechnika”. It employs more than 500 professors and over 1300 associate professors.

All rooms and laboratories are equipped with modern facilities; new computer network educational technologies are being implemented that enables to provide qualified education that meet requirements of the best foreign universities.

Institute building and Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute faculties as well as university hostels are scattered over the area of approximately 120 hectares. This is a real city inside the city. The university has its own Center of culture and art, modern sport complex, four sports and recreation bases by the Dniper river, at Black Sea and in Carpathians. Its scientific and technical library is one of the best in country.

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